Lease Abstraction - At a Glance

Failure to understand all the complex details of a commercial real estate lease can lead to disastrous financial and legal consequences. As the largest abstracting service in the U.S., LeaseProbe specializes in providing our clients with comprehensive, accurate and timely lease abstracts to ensure all critical lease information is at their fingertips. We read, review and abstract all lease documentation, paying meticulous attention to any unusual provisions, financial obligations and other issues of import.

Lease Abstraction: More Than "Dates and Dollars"

Once a thorough review of the lease documentation is done, all relevant information is aggregated and a master summary is created with referenced section headings. We provide clients with a clear, concise summary of the key financial, business and legal data contained in their leases. The area of focus and level of detail of each abstract is customized to the specific needs of each client. Learn more...

Maximize Your Portfolio Power

Our goal is to help clients better understand, evaluate, organize and master their commercial real estate leases in order to have an accurate overview of its financial and legal ramifications. With all relevant information readily accessible in a LeaseProbe lease abstract, clients are able to make effective acquisition decisions and manage property from a position of strength.