Available Lease Abstract Reports

LeaseProbe provides custom-tailored summaries for every key financial, business and legal provision found in commercial real estate leases. We can deliver reports in a variety of different formats including Word or Excel in our own form or your customized form, or directly into your proprietary software. Our abstracts and reports can be easily integrated with your financial systems and other applications.

  • Abstract Reports
  • For a specific lease, property or on a portfolio-wide level, our abstract reports include lease termination dates, renewal dates, security deposits, rent projections, and tenant options, along with a series of other detailed reports for reference or income projection purposes. (See Comprehensive Abstract List.) Or you can create your own list of reports that you need tracked with our Custom Scope Sheet.

  • Additional Reports
  • LeaseProbe can provide additional summaries that track and report on building-wide lease data, including:

    • Rent Rolls
    • Critical Dates
    • Operating Expenses
    • Options and Rights
    • Square Footage
    • Lease Expiration
    • Rent Per Square Foot
    • Property-Wide or Tenant-Specific Commentary
    • Items of Concern
    • Security Deposits
    • TI and Leasing Commissions
    • Prohibited and Exclusive Use
    • Go Dark
    • Percentage Rent