Abstracts by Sector


Lenders Abstract

This Abstract captures the lease provisions central to lenders when conducting underwriting due diligence for a prospective loan, including projected future income and other pertinent legal and financial data. This Lenders Abstract compiles the following lease provisions but does not include the provisions that are grayed out.

Basic Information

  • Landlord
  • Tenant
  • Sublease
  • Property Address
  • Suite#
  • Rentable Square Feet
  • Pro Rata Share


  • Lease Commencement Date
  • Lease Expiration Date

Percentage Rent

  • Breakpoints*

Additional Rent

  • CAM/Operating Expenses
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Base Year/Expense Stop
  • Landlord’s Insurance
  • Utilities-Premises

Tenant Options

  • Renewal
  • Right of First Refusal
  • Right of Offer
  • Termination
  • Purchase


  • Permitted Use*
  • Prohibited Use
  • Exclusive Use
  • Tenant Radius Restrictions
  • Co-Tenancy*


  • Subordination/SNDA
  • Estoppel Certificate


  • Tenant’s Insurance
  • Tenant Improvements

Additional Information

  • Guarantor
  • Additional Documents