Lease Abstracts by Detail

LeaseProbe offers four levels of detail in our abstracting services, allowing our clients to determine the degree of scrutiny most appropriate to their needs and budget.

Financial Scope

Our Financial Scope Abstract is designed to provide a detailed summary of all the key financial provisions in a lease. This provides a financial snapshot of the lease at our client’s fingertips. This Comprehensive Scope Abstract compiles the following financial lease provisions but additional information can be added as needed.

Basic Information

  • Tenant
  • Suite #
  • Rentable Square Feet
  • Pro Rata Share


  • Lease Commencement Date
  • Rent Commencement Date
  • Lease Expiration Date


  • Base Rent
  • Renewal Base Rent
  • Rent Abatement
  • Other Income

Percentage Rent

  • Breakpoints
  • Type

Additional Rent

  • CAM/Operating Expenses
  • Caps
  • Admin. Fee
  • Mgmt. Fee
  • Gross Up
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Base Year / Expense Stop
  • Landlord’s Insurance
  • Utilities

Tenant Options

  • Renewal
  • Termination
  • Purchase


  • Tenant Improvements
  • Leasing Commissions