Real Diligence

Real Diligence: Commercial Property Due Diligence

LeaseProbe, LLC works closely with and is related to Real Diligence, LLC, a highly respected financial due diligence specialty firm. Both companies are part of the six independent but related companies under the umbrella of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, or MCRES, providing specialty commercial real estate services.

About Real Diligence: Commercial Property Due Diligence at its finest

Offering a wide array of financial due diligence services, Real Diligence scrutinizes the financial records of any property for internal audit or possible acquisition. In this process, Real Diligence takes charge in requesting and gathering all documentation and then carefully reviews all documents received in order to provide accurate, reliable and timely analysis of past performance, growth potential and possible trouble spots. Upon completion, Real Diligence then compares its findings to the numbers presented prior to its analysis and compiles the results in an easy-to-read Executive Summary with all necessary backup documentation. To learn more about Real Diligence, click here.

Great Partnership: Real Diligence and LeaseProbe

When working separately, each company offers its own highly targeted services for the real estate industry. When working in tandem, the two companies offer turnkey solutions to the unique business needs of the commercial real estate community.